Press: Archéologie : en Crète, sur les traces des « âges obscurs », by Martine Jacot (Le Monde 3 November 2020)


One day on site with the children of the village of Vrachasi

(13 August 2019)

Press: Discovery of an Early Iron Age tumulus on Anavlochos, Crete (Press release -18.08.18)

quoted in the media: CreteDocERTPatrisAnatolh, Archaeology & arts, News network Archaeology, Archéologia 570 (November 2018)

Lecture in Vrachasi for the Politistikos Syllogos Vrachasiou (11.08.18)

Press: Anavlochos in the World Roundup of Archaeology Magazine (jan-feb 2018).

Press: The two votive deposits brought to light in 2017 mentionned in National Geographic Spain.

Press: Coverage of the 2017 campaign in the November 2017 issue of GEOAdo Magazine by Frédéric Fontaine. Press: Press release on the 2017 campaign (6 September 2017).    Quoted in the media: ERT; Anatoli; Fonien; Kriti 24; Nea Kriti; Archeion polytismouPunto grecia; Past horizonsArchaeology News Network; Hellenic Studies Center

Mention of the Anavlochos Project in the EFA Newsletter 3 (October 2017). See the “Editorial” and “Recherche” section.

Film: Participation in the shooting of Nostos Algos, documentary-fiction by Ysé Sorel, in August 2017.

Site tour and archaeological activities for children

with the Politistikos Syllogos Vrachasiou (20 August 2016)

Archaeological workshop for children

 Fête de la Science at Sorbonne-Universités in 2016 and 2017

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